Friday, December 28, 2007

Poetry Club Members

A Note About Member Privileges: The blogs listed below are the member blogs with which I'm most familiar, hence my reason for listing them below. Many members maintain more than one blog. That said, members have the option of posting poetry and poetry related articles to any of their blogs and then linking to the blog of their choice from the excerpts posted at Poetry Club. Also, if you're a member who is not listed below please remind me at idleblogs (AT)

Sashikala Premawardhane of Sashis' Space
Nick Regalado of Venom and Lust
Beatrice V of Poetry For A Night Owl
Mike Lyne of Write Now
Benjamin Chew of Walking on Water
Pat Smith of
Ayesha Thomas of Bird Droppings
Melanie Bishop of Beloved Dreamer
Dan Levin of Rainclouds from DL
Allen Taylor of
Jill Wickham of JillyPoet
Fenny Sterenborg of Fenny's Bla Bla Blog
Jenny Allan of Intermittent Voices
Scott Young of Midwest Poet
Gautami Tripathy of Rooted
Louise Richardson of Stripped
Shirley Allard of Whispers In The Wind
Jo Janoski
Tiel Aisha Ansari of Knocking From Inside
Sara of Poets Who Blog
Robert Cameron Hazelton of
Jason Keath of Argonaut
Janet Leigh of Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus
RDL of New Poems
William F. DeVault of City of Legends
Madeline Kane of Mad Kane's Humor Blog
Billy Jones of