Friday, December 28, 2007

What Is Blogsboro Poetry Club?

A group poetry blog.

Actually Blogsboro Poetry Club is a group blog made up of poetry bloggers who have their own blogs but wish to participate in a group blog by posting snippets of their poetry with links back to their own blogs or other information related to poetry. Poetry Club members and links to their blogs can be found on the left side of every page.

While an Internet property managed by and the Blogsboro Network, the network will maintain no control or ownership of the contents posted here. All contents remain the property of the member(s) who created them.

Some will use Poetry Club to lead readers back to their own blogs. Some will write about poetry. Others will use Poetry Club to post notices about their books, readings and the poetry events they attend or wish they could attend.

Warning: Not everything your read at Poetry Club or on the blogs of Poetry Club members is safe for all audiences. Read at your own risk.

Everyone can read posts here at Poetry Club, but if you wish to comment you'll have to follow the links to the member sites. You know, just so we can always play pretty.

Blogging Poets and Poetry Bloggers from around the world will be found at Blogsboro Poetry Club.