Sunday, December 30, 2007

Poetry Club Widget

For starters: I don't expect anyone to add the Blogsboro Poetry Club Widget to their websiite or blog. Most of our blogs are already far too cluttered. But, if you want to do so... Well the link will put you on the path.

More importantly, the Blogsboro Poetry Club Widget is yet another tool to help all the members of the club connect with more readers no matter what style or genre in which you pen your verse. You can even change the appearance of the widget so that it blends in or stands out with any page you place it on.

Besides your own blog or website there are lots of other places you can stick your widget. The widget can be added to your iGoogle homepage, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tagged and even sent to a friend. The Blogsboro Poetry Club Widget can be added to FreeWebs, NetVibes, PageFlakes, Hi5, Piczo, Orkut and Ning. Because it comes in both .html and Flash coding the Blogsboro Poetry Club Widget can be used almost anywhere on the web.

And the farther the widget goes the more your audience grows.

Now scroll on down the front page to find great poetry.