Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tips For Poetry Club Members

1. Like everything on this list, titles are optional. This is your blog and you can post without titles if you wish but search engines give more weight to titles than to the body of your text so adding titles slightly increases the number of people who will read your poem or poetry related works.

That said, other than spending a lot of money most of us don't have success will only come in small increments. If Poetry Club brings you one new loyal reader then your efforts have been successful as one loyal reader is worth more to you than a thousand drive by readers. This I've learned the hard way.

2. The more you post to Poetry Club the more your blog gets read but try to be respectful of other members by not filling the entire front page with your posts. Thankfully this has never been a problem so I've yet to make a rule concerning this subject.

3. See the Poetry Club Widget to your right? Most of your blogs are already filled with too much stuff already so I don't expect you to add the widget to your blogs. I don't have it on mine but I'm happy that some of you have installed the widget on your blogs.

That said, I did install the Poetry Club Widget to my Facebook and other social networking pages I use, to some old dead blogs I no longer post to and to my igoogle page. By placing the widget everywhere we can we increase the readership of every member of Poetry Club.

4. Spread the word to other poetry bloggers you know.

5. Check the member page and make sure your blog is listed as some of you are not. If you're a member who is not listed a reminder to idleblogs (AT will get it fixed.

6. Link to Blogsboro Poetry Club from your blogs and websites.

7. Tell your off line and your online friends about the Blogsboro Poetry Club.

8. If I think of more ideas I'll add them. Thank you all for becoming members of this human powered blog aggregator that is the Blogsboro Poetry Club. Also, because this human powered aggregator is also a blog and the RSS feed is set to full the links you post to your blogs are being distributed to hundreds if not thousands of search engines, web caches, feed readers, blog aggregators, scraper sites and others that all drive incremental bits of traffic to your blogs. This is also the reason we only post excerpts as posting your entire poem would give away all of your work.