Sunday, March 23, 2008

Awake Once More...Sweet Lover come forth sweet greens of springand cover your lovers soft black skinthat has lain bare these long winters her in daffodils, bitter sweet delightcomfort her so tenderly for she has lain alonegently adorn her hair with bright colors___like stars when the sky meets the her in daisy chains, a diadem for her course black hair.come once more lover, greet in tryst your hope, your life___stoop to kiss that honeyed mouth with tulips blood-red.awaken her now from a winters deep sleepcaressing her supple dark dark skin...let her sleepy sighs wake the birdsthat bring the seeds to nest.gather scents in sweet profusionlayer upon layer to open her eyes...and give of the rain to moisten, that red red mouth___though wanton she may be...who's beauty fills the valleys, hills the fields...a jewel beyond compare set high above the icy snowbring forth that honeyed-nectar to sweeten life's bloodawaken you now, from your dark dreamno time to sleep, shake shake the earths deep roots...for for life starts anew.Come wrap her dark dark skin in morn's early lightlay atop her cold breast...lilies and first rosesto cover her poor scared, marked nakedness.oh lover, my lover,come to me she stretches and sings...for life awakes once morewith a lovers kiss of morning dew.