Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogsboro Poetry Club Back Fights Back

Someone flagged Blogsboro Poetry Club as a potential splog (spam blog) causing Google's robots to take down the site and send me an e-mail asking that I prove Blogsboro's poets to be real people. All's well that ends well as we are now back on line.

I guess Google's robots simply don't care for poetry so I wrote them a poem:

Ode To

You sold out to Google and what did you get?
Oodles of money but little respect.
The spammers, they hound you--
the bloggers do too--
your biggest attraction-- a poorly kept zoo
filled with spammers and con men and political nubs
as the stench of their leavings
you tote out in tubs.
And as Google's stock tumbles
you have no regrets--
that is, 'till the time comes
to call in your bets.

Your RSS signals-- they cover the land
plucked while still green
by scrapers' quick hands
who steal all our content
to use as their own,
broadcast the world over...

'til what's good is all gone.

Billy Jones is the founder of Blogsboro Poetry Club and shares his poetry at