Sunday, February 7, 2010

Groundhog Day

In Punxatawney, on a hill Out of his hole comes Phil He's going to let us knowI f we'll have 6 more weeks of snow. His nose quivers and his beady eyes gleam The sun is shining down its beam His evil little smirk gives it away He's going to see his shadow on this day. It's the one day we wish for rain And the clouds to take away our pain We want the spring and warmth and flowers But Phil is shining in his brightest hour. He loves to watch us squirm in despair As he sees his shadow and runs back in there Back into his hole deep in the ground Where he can laugh at us without making a sound. I'm going to make me some woodchuck stew And chuck some wood as the woodchucks do Build a big fire and roast that overgrown rat And then feed the leftovers to my cat. He'll rue the day he saw his shadow His days are numbered and the numbers are low That rotten rodent is going to be toast And you're all invited to my woodchuck roast.