Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Hidden in the forest
Where the trees grow thick and strong,
There's a cottage, small and humble, 
Where I lived when I was young.

There's a yellow roof of thatch,
And a rough red chimney there,
With diamond latticed windows
Letting in the cool fresh air.

When work was finished for the day
In peace I hurried home;
Through the trees so thick and handsome,
Where as a child I'd roam.

A smiling face would greet me;
Hot dinner on the grate:
But one day all was lonely,
'Twas so early, yet so late.

No smoke came from the chimney,
No whispers filled the air;
But the memories still haunt me
Of my mother smiling there.

Now many years have crept along,
I sadly realise
That never shall I see again
The love-light in her eyes.

Till I walk down the cobbled path,
And lift that rusty latch;
Till memory brings back once more
My home with the yellow thatch.
┬ę Colin Gordon-Farleigh´╗┐