Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Millennial Poetics Blog Series: 9 Principles For Writing Poetry

Allen Taylor, founder of the Millennial School of Poetry, has started a nine-part series of blog posts/essays on the 9 principles of poetics. The 9 principles of Millennial poetics include:

1. Craft is of utmost importance
2. There is no room for prejudice
3. Form is just another element of craft
4. Creativity and craft go hand in hand
5. No topic is taboo
6. There is no such thing as language that is too archaic
7. All poems are individuals
8. There is no acceptable method to writing poetry
9. All convention should be shunned

The first four principles have been post. You can begin the Millennial School of Poetics series and easily navigate them in succession as Allen writes a new post in the series every day at World Class Poetry Blog.

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