Saturday, September 5, 2009

Speechless Love

Words will only steal the moment!
Please don't say them! They are trite!
Every love-song says 'I love you',
They're not new! Not shiny-bright!
If we two could have invented
Words of passion, ours alone,
I'd have revelled in your statement,
I'd have gloried in your tone.
But those words that surely flutter
Round your lips and beg for speech,
They're the words of other lovers,
All too easily in reach.
Please don't say them! You'll debase it,
This great happiness I feel,
Turn it into ho-hum language,
When the feeling is so real!
They are spattered over romance,
Like a pattern on a dress,
Meaningless when duplicated,
Just a pretty-pretty mess!
Men who're cheating on their spouses
Use those words to get their way;
One-night-standers, sugar-daddies
Always start things off that way!
So please don't say them, though you mean them!
They are not some precious prize!
All I need is that expression,
Shining, silent, from your eyes.