Monday, December 31, 2007

Hot Fresh And Toasted

I walked into the Subway,
Meatball Marinara, he blocked the door.
BMT, he snarled at me,
“Man, what you come here for?”

I growled, “It ain’t your business, Dude.
Now get out of my way.”
The Chicken and Bacon Ranch
was on my mind that day.
Get toasted!

Kneel for the New Year

Sing to me sweet New Year, show your sultry ways.
I chime away your minutes, while you chime away my days.

The Seagull’s Gone

Here I sit-- the same ol’ place--
but the seagull, he’s long gone.
Sometimes it seems things never change
but the seagull, he’s done flown,
flown away, no more to wait
Please fly with the seagull

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Making Clouds

As men, we sit with the night sky counting constellations, collecting California dreams like (more)

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Post Modern Parking Meter

No Need To Complain,
no need to get spastic.
Don't have any change?
Please pay the meter

Christmas Commotion

With feathery limbs
rugged bark trees
tickle calm sky
before the rumbling
...Read more

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter Magic

Snow drifts all through the late night storm thin ice coats form, from cold rains’ freeze that wraps the trees. A world of white will soon emerge Winter Magic continued...

this mosaic

"maybe you remember the sacrifice one-sunset threw like the last party, half-broken from lack of use, lethargically sealing daybreak into afternoon,.. more here
You'd stand there arms crossed
in front, gathering your waist
with floured hands, a pause
from oven to table, your silhouette
perfectly framed in stained glass,..

You can read the rest of Dry Bones in Minnesota by Janet Leigh on Poetmeister ..on the road to Parnassus.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflections dance upon the grave where I lay.....
You can read the rest by clicking here
By Sara from The Shores of My Dreams and Poets Who Blog.

The Great Gravy Boat

Roman sailed the gravy seas
in his magic gravy boat.
No matter how the storm winds tossed
his boat would stay afloat.
Around the world and back again,
Roman chose to risk it

Please read the rest

Piano Man

Pencil fingers stretch across a keyboard ocean
to tickle obstinate rough edges
of this earthly spinning globe
while his melodies all chip-chopped
with words gasp for breath
in a moody cigarette fog


Every Now and Then

I walked down by the river and I wandered off the path and I took my empty Coke can and I tossed it in the grass Yeah, I know I shouldn’t do that ‘cause littering’s a sin but I only do that sort of thing just every now and then. It’s really not so bad to only do it now and then. More..

Dear Angus, Where Are You Tonight?

A Thickburger came to visit.
A Fish Supreme came too.
They turned me on to Angus,
there’s nothing she’d not do.

“Too thick, too thick!” the Whoppers say,
“Call Arby, we’re coming to kick beef today.”

Curly Fry, she called her trashy,
said, “Angus, she’s a cow.”
But the wondrous things dear Angus did--
can’t talk about them now.

And Hardee played his guitar,
Ode To An Apple Pie,
while Thickburger and Fish Supreme
set ‘round getting high.

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